Seasoned with experience, Stoer's team amounts to over 100 years of budgeting, estimating, pre-construction, engineering and construction experience. 


Stoer Construction is proud to execute on every client commitment we make. We're careful to choose our clients and follow through - it's our attention to detail that matters. Your project is rated with the utmost care - your vision is our obsession. Relationships with your team create a "project family" that our experience has proven gains positive results for everyone involved. 


Stoer Construction is focused on keeping it simple - the word simply grounds our philosophy and is reflected in every phase of every project. 


This industry is complex. The word built reminds us of our responsibility to focus on quality and  timely results.


Quality cannot be "value engineered." We know your primary focus is opening doors to start generating revenue and we're here to keep them open. Better reminds us that what is built will endure - improving communities and reflecting the best of our clients. 


Stoer was founded in 2014, by Sean Anderson & Michael Ward. Stoer started small with just Sean and Mike to gain more control over how Stoer provided it's services to clients. By simplifying the approach and focusing on process and accountability, Stoer is able to achieve excellence while honing in on the client's needs. 

The word STOER derives from the Dutch language, one of the most widely spoken dialects of the Netherlands and Holland.

STOER translates to -Strongly built, sturdy, or robust. Sean and Mike, who both share a common trait in the Dutch culture, thought it very fitting when giving Stoer Construction its' name.